Retrieve Permalink from Admin & Usage

Permalinks provide a link that launches the application in the browser and the tool linked with the permalink given that the player is active, and content is in a playable state. Permalink is a unique Identification string that needs to be added at the end of the URL of the page on which the permalink content is to be presented.  

The permalinks for Workflow can be copied from the manage workflows page in Admin. Similarly, for any specific Step that needs to be launched can be copied from step editor in Admin.

Note: Whenever the step permalink doesn’t match the correct page, or the step permalink is invalid the flow is launched from the beginning.

Steps to copy permalink from the Admin:

1. Log into Admin Console.

2. Click on "Manage" tab to expand it.

3. Click on "Workflows" item in the sub-menu.

4. Workflows corresponding to application selected from the side bar will be shown.

The Search Bar can be used to search for a Workflow by its name.


In order to retrieve permalink for specific steps:

1. Click on Workflow name, or by clicking on the icon present at the right corner of the Workflow name and then clicking on the first name (i.e. View Workflow steps), more information on the Workflow can be viewed. 

Screenshots are attached below for reference.

Workflow steps will be displayed as below:

2. Choose the step of which the permalink needs to be copied

3. Click on Copy Step Permalink


The retrieved/copied Permalink will be similar to the example shown below:

Ex.  letznavref=WF-9NxVgHXGBEt-Kkdqbca!5UWT

This can be put in the URL of the application which when used, will launch the application along with the workflow to which the permalink belongs to.

1. Go the page from where the flow should launch

2. Consider the dynamic part of the URL

3. Take the URL and append with the permalink copied previously. Place a separator in between them.

4. The separator is different for different applications. Find them below

Salesforce, Oracle?

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