Changes and Enhancements

Notes updates and enhancements: 

Updated Editor icon: 


        On hover         Idle State 

New Settings menu in player:


                            Settings Button                                    Settings Page in Player 

New Collapsed state Sidebar Menu for the Admin 

To improve the navigation in admin when the sidebar is collapsed, a Hover menu has been added. All the sidebar clicks can now be accessed easily by hovering over the menu icons. 


                                                                                         Collapsed State 


                                                            Menu on hover 

Floating Editor Panel 

To overcome problems in selecting elements from the right most part of the page, because of the editor being in a fixed position, we have come up with a Floating Editor panel. You can switch the orientation of the editor from right of the page to left. This will allow to reach different parts of the app while selecting elements. 



Limiting no. of User Accounts based on License 

The no. of Users (User Accounts) for letzNav instance (Admin/Editor) will now be limited based on the license. 

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