Changes and Enhancements

Notes updates and enhancements:

UI Enhancements

  • Updated Banner design:  


                                 Editor                             Player  

  • Updated Logo design: The all new letzNav logo has been integrated with the Admin.  


Data Restrictions:  

One of the most important change with the data in the release is avoiding duplication of names. The restriction will let the users to enter unique name for a record there by avoiding confusion. We have also improved the parallel usage performance. The improvements help to tackle cases where multiple users are working on the same content parallelly. 

  • Duplicate Analytics Data representation:  

This release brings one of the much-requested features of displaying duplicate and deleted content on the analytics dashboards. Users can filter for the desired data using the newly added filter in the dashboard.   


Users can filter for Active and deleted data from filter dropdown.  

Performance Enhancements:

This version brings one of the most stable extensions till date for IE and Firefox (Users need not install the Extensions again for the improvements). The new Edge extension is built using the content script method which boosts the performance hugely. This performance improvement has brought a visible change in the application usage response. The Chrome and Edge extensions needs to be upgraded to get the performance enhancements. 


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