Announcement on Conditions

Announcements are the custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the End Users. An Announcement can be built with Custom buttons that can launch a Workflow, Video or a Document. Announcements enable the admin to make announcements to the user when they go to the specific page. The Announcement can be for specified period and (or) when certain UI conditions are matched.

Announcements are commonly used to:

  • Announce any Change Management.
  • Inform Users of upcoming features
  • Inform Users about the Maintenance and downtime of the application
  • Promote new Software practices, events or services.
  • Remind expiration of licenses of the application
  • Announce any new achievements applicable to employees or company.

In order to create an Announcement, we need to Create a Frame to identify the page where the Announcement is to be added.

Once the Frame is created a new Announcement can be created as follows.

  • Click on Add New Announcement

Once after clicking on Add New Announcement, immediately a dummy Announcement gets created (can be seen on the Application as below) whose appearance is restricted on conditions.

  • Enter Title and Content in the fields as shown below.

  • Select the desired Announcement Action

Now, The Announcements appears as below on the application

Announcements on Conditions can be created for any Announcement Action. Any type of Announcement Action can be restricted to appear based on condition.

  • Accept Button Label

The text on the Button Label is editable and can be changed as needed

  • Show Dismiss button

This is optional and can be checked as needed

  • Announcement is Mandatory

The Acceptance of Announcement by the user becomes Mandatory as shown

  • Announcement Position

  • Conditions

Four different types of Conditions can be used to restrict an Announcement based on the requirement as shown below

      1.Element Presence

  • When Element presence is chosen, The Announcement appearance toggles between the presence and absence of selected Element.A click on the Element Presence Condition takes the Announcement creator to a selection mode in order to choose that element whose presence only should make the Announcement appear.

  • The element selected can be changed by Re-selecting element.
  • Multiple conditions of Element Presence type can be added.

     2. Label Comparison

  • Label Comparison is a step deeper to the Element selection. Not only checking the presence of an element but also compares the value in the element. If the value provided while creating an Announcement matches/unmatches with the value selected by the end user, the Announcement appears.
  • Click on Label Comparison to get into the selection mode in order to select a label.
  • Then, the relation between the label and the value to be considered as condition is asked.

Now, The Announcement appears only when the selected label's value is equal to Requests in the example shown above.

  • Multiple Label Comparisons can be done at a time.

3. Spot Light Comparison


Using Spotlight comparison, any Editable fields with values can be compared but not Labels

4. Custom Script

The appearance of Announcement can be controlled based on the script that can be customized as required.Custom script comes into play for advanced condition control.

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