Launch a Workflow in an Announcement

Announcements are the custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the End Users. An announcement can be built with custom buttons that can launch a Workflow, Video or a Document. Announcements enable the admin to make announcements to the user when they go to the specific page. The Announcement can be for specified period and (or) when certain UI conditions are matched.

Announcements are commonly used to:

  • Announce any Change Management.
  • Inform Users of upcoming features 
  • Inform Users about the Maintenance and downtime of the application
  • Promote new Software practices, events or services.
  • Remind expiration of licenses of the application
  • Announce any new achievements applicable to employees or company.

The article explains about the Announcements that can launch a Workflow.You know, Announcements can be made in multiple languages.Know how to create Announcements in different languages.

In order to create an Announcement, we need to create a frame  to identify the page  where the Announcement is to be added.

Once the frame is created a new Announcement with video can be created as follows.

  • Click on Add New announcement

  • Enter Title and Content in the fields as shown below.

To Launch a Workflow in an Announcement

  • Select Workflow Icon from the Announcement Actions

  • Select Workflow from the drop down under ANNOUNCE A WORKFLOW section    

Note: Only the Workflows listed in the drop down can be launched. 

  • Select Step Number from the drop down under ANNOUNCE A WORKFLOW section.

  • Check the Option 'Show Dismiss Button' if preferred to have a custom button to close the Announcement.
  • Click here so respond button launches a workflow when clicked.

  • Enter user defined text to appear on the Cancel Label Button.

  • Check this if you want this Announcement to be mandatory.

  •  Enter user defined text to appear on the CHECKBOX LABEL as shown below

  • Select Announcement Position

  • Select Scheduling Options

  • Select Timezone Type

Click here to learn about how to add Timezones? 

  • Select From Date and To Date.

  • Click on Save

You have created an announcement that can launch a Workflow!

To push the Announcement to End Users or to Quality Analysts,the status of the Frame on which the Announcement is placed needs to be changed.Know How to Change the Status of the Frame?

Note: Make sure to publish the Workflow that is linked to the Announcement, to be able to execute it from the Announcement when appeared.Know about Publishing a Workflow.

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