letzNav Extensions allow the users the ability to  access letzNav content, as well as to build Workflows. letzNav provides a Player and an Editor Extension. Extensions can be found in the Admin by following the steps below:

1. Log into the Admin

2. Click on Settings icon

3. Click on Extensions in the dropdown

The Extensions page is shown as below. Note the buttons for downloading Extensions


A letzNav user can begin accessing letzNav content as soon as they have the letzNav Player installed.

Addition of the Player extension to the browser is confirmed by the letzNav widget at the bottom right on the application page.

For in-detail description of installing the Player, refer Player Extension


The letzNav Editor is one of the most important elements you will need when working with letzNav content development. It is used for creating, facilitating and publishing letzNav content. The Editor lets you to quickly and easily build workflows on the world’s best and most popular browsers.

For in-detail description of installing Editor, refer Editor Extension

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