Add a User

User Management allows system administrators to maintain users by adding / removing them. Users can also be added as a System Administrator and every user added here can also log into the editor.

To add a new user

  • Log in to Admin and Click on the Settings Icon as shown below.
  • Click on Add Users.
  • Check the User as active and Enter Name and Email as shown below:
  • Check SSO authentication only if you wish to login with SSO.
    Note: Make sure to add SSO details in admin to avail this option.
  • Select User role from the drop down and provide access to applications as shown below:
  • Click on Add
  • To change the password of a user, click on the reset password icon which is shown in the below screenshot. A link will be sent to the user’s email where the password can be

  • To change details of the user (e.g. email, full name, etc.) click on the edit icon which is highlighted in the below screenshot.
  • To delete a user , click on the the vertical dots and .select delete


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