Smart Workflow

A Smart Workflow is an advancement to the basic letzNav Workflow. It has more capabilities while providing the ability to control the flow execution (balloon display) based on conditions. 

With the help of Smart Workflow, a step or a series of steps can be skipped (i.e., Jump from one step to another ) based on a condition that we provide. We can convert a Workflow to a Smart Workflow by adding some conditions to the steps.

The following is the Workflow Map to create a Smart Workflow: 

Click on the letzNav editor and login using your credentials.

  • Click on Workflows. 

The Workflows will be displayed as a list. Green dots next to the Workflow indicate that the Workflow is Published. Yellow dots indicate Workflow is in Draft mode. Workflows can only be edited when they are in Draft Mode.

  • Search for required Workflow and click on it.
  • A series of steps in the Workflow will be displayed. Choose a step after which you want to "jump" the step(s), then click on the three dots that appear when hovered on a step.

  •  Click on Add Jump Step

  • A Jump Step view will be displayed.  Click on Add Condition.

  • You see a list of conditions that can be attached to the chosen step as follows.

  • Element Presence: Element Presence will allow a selection of element whose presence will decide whether to skip to specified step or not.
  • Label Comparison: Label Comparison allows the flow to get skipped based on the text of the label selected. We can skip to steps if the label is equal to a string or not equal to a string.
  • Spotlight Comparison: This will allow the skipping of steps based on the value in an input field

  • Custom Script: This allows the skipping of steps based on the conditions we write in the script

  •  After choosing a condition, specify the step below to which the flow should skip if the specified condition is met.

Note: The steps in the 'Jump to' drop down is limited to the steps which have the same entry point as the skipping step (i.e., the steps which can be displayed in the same page) 

  • Click Save

: To learn how to publish a Workflow Click Here.

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