What is a Launcher?

Launchers are the actionable help icons that you can add to your web application to provide additional action help to complete a task for the user. These Launchers can start a Workflow, a video or take you to a URL from/on the present page once a user clicks on it. It can be used as an alternative for playing the Workflow from the letzNav Player. Use Launchers to provide users help when and where they need it. Launchers are highly effective, often solving user interface problems while increasing user engagement on your site.

Launchers offer several functions. A Launcher can:

  • Launch a Workflow: Provides step-by-step guidance whenever and wherever needed.
  • Launch a Video: Provides the option to play a video.
  • Launch a URL: Links additional information via a link to ensure user has all the information needed to complete a task.

The Launcher has 3 options. Select the option based on what the user should see once the Launcher is clicked.

Launch a Workflow: If 'Launch a flow' option is chosen, the details of the triggered flow and the specific steps from which it must be played should be specified using the drop down.

Note: The Workflow which is to be played should be in the published state ( See here for information on Workflow status ) in order for it to launch as expected.

Launch a Video: For 'Launch a video' option, video name and link to the video must be provided.

 Launch an Article/Document : With this option, the specified link will be opened in a new tab when the Launcher is clicked

Note: Read more about how to create Launchers.

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