Tooltips and Announcements Dashboard

Tooltips Stats:

As Tooltips provide in-place help for the end users, the Dashboard provides the statistics for Tooltips to track the usage of Tooltips based on the action performed by the end users and Tooltips available to the end users.

Below are the Statistics

  • Tooltips Displayed: The graph below indicates the number of times the Tooltips were displayed when the user visited the respective page.

  • Action performed: The graph below indicates the number of times the Tooltips were used to seek help.

Most Used Tooltips:

The below statistical graph helps you to understand the top 10 Tooltips which have been used, along with the Frame Name on which the Tooltip is placed, followed by the Tooltip name (Frame Name - Tooltip Name).

Announcements Stats: Announcements enable the Admin to announce any information when the end user visits the designated page. The Announcements dial shows the statistics for Announcements actioned or displayed to the end users.

  • Announcements Accepted: The number of times the Announcement shown on the screen was accepted by the end user. See screen shot below.

  • Announcement Displayed: The number of the times the Announcement was displayed on the screen of the end user. See screenshot below.

Most used Announcements:

This stat helps to understand the top 10 Announcements which have been used. See screenshot below.

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