What is a Validation?

Validations are data checks that can be added on a specific application page to prevent invalid/incorrect data being entered into the system. Various types of validations can be enforced on fields of any form in the application.

Common uses of Validations are:

  • Maintain standards in the organization
  • Improves data quality in the system
  • Avoid inconsistent or incorrect data being fed into the system.
  • Helps implement effective business rules in the organization.

The existence of a data validation on an application page is indicated by a small 'i' icon next to the input fields.

If a data check is applied on to a field, the data in it gets validated and the response is shown in the form of a Tick(✔) when the data is correct and a cross(X) if data entered is wrong along with a red border if required.

Note: Read more about how to Create Validations

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