What is Workflow?

Workflows provide you a smart-assistance with step-by-step instructions within the application.This simplifies application navigation by providing on-screen guidance at the moment you need to complete your task. It acts like a GPS that takes you on a journey to complete your day to day activities. From the creation perspective, these workflows allow admins to create live balloons on the screen to guide users on any activity.

Few areas where Workflows can really come into handy are:

  • Immediate Product Adoption: Cut down the time it takes for users to adopt a new software as well as increase the productivity in the organization.
  • Effective User On-boarding: Users easily get adapted to the change and begin using your tool, whether it's a new customer who is exploring the system or an employee who is trying to learn a new software tool.
  • Excellent User Experience: letzNav provides intelligent, user friendly workflows to improve overall user experience. An employee completing a task, or a customer navigating your site, personalized step-by-step guidance is available throughout the user's entire journey.
  • Accelerate Employee TrainingThe immediate and relevant on-screen guidance accelerate and train employees while reducing the time, effort and cost spent on training programs.

For example:

  • Users can search through the list of Workflows using the search bar in the letzNav player. 

letzNav will start the Workflow from the relevant step based on the application page from which the user initiated the flow. Users can exit a flow at any point of time by clicking 'X' on the balloon. letzNav analytics track flow usage for valuable insights into application complexity and gaps in user engagement.

Note: Read more about how to Create Workflows.

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