Workflow and Validations Dashboard

Workflow Stats:

The best way to determine if an application has been profitable to your organization is to understand the usage of it. Analytical stats are an invaluable functionality of letzNav.  

The Workflow Stats provides insight into this by showing the number of times workflows have been used, including stats for fully completed flows and flows with early exit. 

  •    Completed Workflows:

  •      Workflows with Early Exit:

Validation Stats:

To err is Human and to 'Correct' is Divine. letzNav plays a major role in warning and correcting the user to enter appropriate data. The Validation Stats indicate the number of times Validations are executed, including stats with Data Corrections and Data Warnings. (see screenshots below for reference).

  •  To learn more about Validations click here.        
  •  Data Correction:

  •         Data Warnings:

Most Used Flows:

This stat helps you to understand the top 10 workflows which have been used, along with the flow name. See screen shot below.

Most Used Validation:

This stat helps you to understand the top 10 validations  which are being used, along with the flow name. See screenshot below.

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