Editor, Player and Administration

Can the Editor's position be adjusted to anywhere on the screen?

Editor can be adjusted either to the left of right of the screen in the latest version. Desktop editor is in the road map.

Can the Player's position be adjusted to anywhere on the screen?

Yes, Users can choose from 9 different positions and can be configured in the admin.


What are the major functionalities of the Editor?

Creating Workflows, validations, launchers, tooltips, and Announcements are the main features.

What are the major functionalities of the Player?

The major functionalities of the player are to display, run the Workflows and to show all the content as part of the knowledge store.

Is it possible to start the flow from any point of the application?

Yes, it is possible by marking it as an Entry point and identifying the page using Anchor Points. 

Does the tool support multiple languages?

Yes, it can be achieved by managing languages in the Admin Console.

Can we hide the letzNav player?

No, we can't hide. But it can be deactivated by disabling the extension.

Can we create Users in Administration?

Yes, we can create.

Can we check the status of the workflow in the Editor?

Yes, we can check.

Can we customize the Balloon size?

Yes, we can customize.

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