The Dashboard is the first view a user sees when logging into the Admin. letzNav provides an overall snapshot in the form of interactive dashboards, based on the information collected to give real-time tool adoption analysis.

  • The dashboards give insights into usage analytics on the Workflows, Validations, Tool-tips, Launchers, and Announcements which in turn help measure the overall application engagement along with areas where help was accessed.
  • Time period filters can be applied to slice and dice data based on a certain time period as applicable. 
  • Dashboards can be displayed based on the Application level, by selecting the Application from the Application drop-down. If letzNav has been configured for multiple applications there are options to see "All" applications together or defaulting the dashboard view to only One application at a time as needed. In instances where letzNav is configured for one application that would be defaulted accordingly.

 Click on the "Dashboard" icon as shown below to view the "Dashboard". 

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