Security and Privacy

Do you provide Windows Authenticator access to the product?

No, it does not provide Windows Authenticator access to the product.

Do you provide SSO access to the product?

Yes, it provides two types of SSO Authentication. SAML 2.0 and OAuth2.0

Does the tool support username and password authentication? Does it have self service (Forgot password)?

Yes, the tool supports username and password authentication and also has self service.

Does the tool allow for content access to be restricted based on your logon profile?

Yes, letzNav restricts the content access based on different logon profiles.

Can the content management environment be customized for user preferences such as font type, size and application shortcuts?

Yes, the end user is allowed to do customization based on his preference. In order to do customization click on "Customization" menu in which the user has the option to change the player theme, change languages, manage keyboard shortcuts and many more.

Does the tool allow for content views to filtered?

Yes, the content can be filtered based on the tag we give. Also, a search bar is provided to filter.

Is it possible to restrict functionality in tool to content developers based on role?
Yes, it is possible.

Does the tool allow for content to be shared between environments where access is restricted?
Yes, letzNav allows content to be shared where access in restricted.

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