Infrastructure and Technology

Can all components be installed on one server?

Yes, while deploying in On Premise mode.

Is it possible for the tool to co-exist in an environment which has live applications?

Yes, when deployed in On Premise the tool can co-exist in an environment with live applications.

Is it possible to install the tool on a machine with 1GB ram, 5 GB free space and dual core 2GHz processor?

Yes, letzNav works on any machine that can run modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc

Is there support for 64 bit?

Yes, letzNav is Device independent, any system with modern browsers can run letzNav.

Does the tool support offline/online authoring?

Yes, the tool supports offline/online authoring.

Can the Admin be installed as a standalone instance?

Yes, the Admin is accessible to anyone with appropriate URL and Log in credentials.

What deployment models do we have?

We have SaaS & On Premise deployment.

For SaaS implementations, we can use the SaaS model which is easy to maintain.

If a client requests for On Premise, we'd be happy to provide that as well. 

For further information please refer to Architectural Documentation which specifically talks about Deployment models.

Is it possible to have authoring, content hosting and learner access via a SaaS solution?

Yes, letzNav is a full SaaS compliant Application.

Can flows work based on Application authorization? If users are not authorized to see some sections of the tool, will the flow still continue to move forward with whats applicable for that application?

Yes, letzNav is designed in a way that it can handle different users with different access levels.

Does the tool support Google 56, Microsoft Edge?

Yes, the tool is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and IE 11 or higher.

Does the tool support Microsoft 10, Office 2016, and SQL 2016?

Yes, the tool supports Microsoft 10 and Office 2016 but it is not applicable to SQL 2016.

Does it support Office 365?

No , it does not support Office 365.

Does the tool provide a collaborative authoring environment where content can be stored and accessed centrally?

Yes, letzNav has a central repository where the data regarding an application can be stored.

Is letzNav 508 Screen Reader compatible?

Yes, it is 508 Screen Reader Compatible so that it can be accessible to all the users who use assistive technology. 

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