Creating Validations

letzNav allows the end user not only to navigate through the application, but also guides them to enter correct and valid data into the fields. This is achieved by adding sufficient instructions on the page. Validations are advanced Tooltips that provide prompts whether the data entered is correct or not.

To get started, Add Extensions to the browser.

Step 1: Click on the letzNav Editor widget present at the right side of the application.

  •  Click on the pencil icon to open the editor.
  •  The floating panel icon below the pencil icon can be used to indent the editor to left or right of the screen. This is used to maintain the screen visibility while working with the editor.

Step 2: There is an Editor opened for you, Log into the editor and click on Validations.

Once you click on Validations, a Frame list opens in the letzNav Editor. There are few steps that you need to follow to create a validation.

Step 3: Create a Frame

Frame page is the unique part of the page on which the validations/Launchers/ToolTips/Announcements act upon. The Frame must be given a valid name and it must be uniquely identified.  

Click on 'Dismiss' if a popup has appeared

Click on 'Create New Frame' present on the bottom of the Frames list.

There are 3 different options which can be used to identify the screen uniquely. Click on the 3 vertical dots available to the right of the frame screen to view the advance identification options.

  • Anchor points
  • Custom Script
  • URI Hash

Anchor Points

A popup at the bottom of the screen appears. Enter valid Frame name.

Add Anchor Points to uniquely identify the Frame. Click on the highlighted area to select an Anchor. The user can add more than three Anchors so that the Frame can be easily identified.

Click on Save. Save button becomes enabled only after entering a valid Frame name and selecting Anchors.

Custom Script

URI Hash

Step 4 : Add Spotlights

Click on Create New Validation button to add new validation.

Click on + icon to add more validations.

The fields that are to be validated are termed as Spotlights. Spotlights for a Frame must be added by clicking on the "Select Spotlight" as shown below. Select the field to be validated and enter the name for the validation.

Step 5: Add Validators

Four categories of custom Validators are available in letzNav Editor to make sure that the user inputs valid data. 

Click on 'Add Validator'.

Step 6: Select Appearance

Show Icon: For validations, letzNav has the ability to show or hide the validation icon beside the Spotlight field. When "Show icon" checkbox is checked the validation icon is visible beside the field.  Otherwise it is hidden until the field is used.

Icon Position: Icon position can be adjusted beside the Spotlight by spacing between the field and the validation icon.

Step 7: Update or Change Frame Status

Once all the validations are added to the required Spotlights in a Frame and when the validation is ready to use, status of the Frame must be changed from Draft state to Ready and then Publish in order to use the validations in that page. Publishing of the Frame can only be done from 'Publish' section in the letzNav Admin. Once the Frame is published, the validations cannot be modified. In order to modify the validations, change the status of the Frame to Draft state.

The Frames will be displayed as a list in the Admin. Green dots next to the frame indicate the frame is Published.

Yellow dots indicate the frame is in Draft mode and blue dots indicate the status of Ready.

Note: For more information on publishing Click Here.

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