Manage Applications

letzNav allows users to manage their applications through the Manage Application console in the admin. 

Navigation steps:

1.  Log in to Admin 

2. Click on the "Settings" Icon next to the application name.

3. The setup screen appears as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Following are the fields on the Manage application page:

  • Application Name: Name of the application for which content is created using this admin instance.
  • Production URL: URL of the host application where the letznav content will be published for the end user for usage.
  • Pre- Production URL: URL of the host application where the letznav content will be ready for the admin for review/ testing.
  • Custom Application Level JavaScript:  Application level custom JavaScript can be introduced if applicable.
  • User Identification: This helps to identify users in the host application which is used to capture Onboardings Analytics. There are 4 ways using which letzNav can Identify user.
    letzNav ID: This option generates a Unique ID that will differ for every instance of the player.
    Cookie: This option will take a cookie name which will be present when the Application is loaded. This cookie will be used to identify the user.
    JavaScript: The JavaScript option takes a script that will return a valid user ID string that has to be checked.
    Variable: This option takes a Window variable, which will be checked when the user loads the site along with the player.
  • Application Type: Type of the application the current application refers to. Choose from the drop down values based on the application. 
  • Custom Application Configuration(JSON) : Custom configurations that are specific to the application can be introduced. For example, Custom configurations include ignoring classes or ids or attributes.

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