User Interface

Admin's  can customize the Player according to the application's UI and/or personal preference. 

 Log into Admin and click on Customization.

Under Customization menu select User Interface.

Here, the following options can be customized: 

Accent Color: Accent Color lets you change the color of buttons, header and the progress line.

Size: Size defines the size of the balloon as well as text size.You can select the size as:

  • Regular
  • Large
  • Compact

Design:  Choose from two types of designs for the balloon:

                1. Original: Basic design of the balloon.

                2. Alternative: The header of the balloon is highlighted with the accent color selected.

Launcher Icons: Allows you to select the type of icon you would like to display. Choose from the following options.

  • Help 
  • Warning 
  • Information
  • Asterisk

Player Position: The Position of the letzNav Player can be customized to nine different places on the Host application screen.There are:

  • Right Top
  • Right Middle
  • Right Bottom
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Middle
  • Bottom Left
  • Left Top
  • Left Middle
  • Left Bottom

Player Theme: letzNav offers two theme options.

  • Light theme: This theme allows the balloon header and buttons of the balloon to be highlighted.The same theme gets applied to the letzNav Player in the Host application.

  • Dark theme: This theme works best if the Host application UI Theme is light to provide a contrast.The same theme gets applied to the letzNav Player in the Host application.

  • Click on Save after the customization is completed.

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