Add tags to a Workflow

Generally, Tags are added to Workflows in order to categorize them.Tags make it easier to filter the Workflows. 

To add Tags to a Workflow:

1. Log into Admin

2. Click on "Manage" tab.

3. Click on Workflows item under the Manage Section

The Search Bar can be used to search for a Workflow by name. 

4. Search for desired Workflow and click on Workflow name to open it.

5. Click on 3 dots present in the top right corner and click on Settings

This opens Workflow settings pop-up. Under Add tags section, select the appropriate tag and click on Confirm.

The selected tags will have a tick mark beside them. Click on Confirm button to save changes.


There is a second option to add tags to a Workflow using admin.
1. Login to admin.

2. Click on Manage.

3. Click on Workflow link.

4. Select the Workflow(s) by checking the checkbox to the left of the Workflow name.

5. Once the Workflow(s) is(are) selected  a pop-up will show displaying the number of Workflows selected and the list of all tags.

    Click on Tag.

6. Once the Tag is clicked, it opens the list of tags created for the application selected in the sidebar.

    Select the appropriate tag from the list.

Once the tag is selected it gets added to the chosen Workflow(s).

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