View Workflows List

In order to view Workflows:

1. Log into Admin Console.

2. Click on "Manage" tab to expand it.

3. Click on "Workflows" item in the sub-menu.

4. Workflows corresponding to application selected from the side bar will be shown.

The Search Bar can be used to search for a Workflow by its name.

The Status of a Workflow can be identified by the color of the dots visible to the left of the Workflow name.

  • Yellow dot specifies the status as Draft.

  • Status Draft means that the flows are in the state of Creation and are editable.

  • Blue dot specifies the status as Ready.
  • Ready flows are the flows that are created and are ready for QA Team to test.
  • Note: Ready flows appear in the Player for Pre-production environment but not in the Production environment.



  • Green dot specifies the status as Published.
  • The Published flows appears in the player and can be used by the End users. 

By clicking on Workflow name, or by clicking on the icon present at the right corner of the Workflow name and then clicking on the first name (i.e. View Workflow steps), more information on the Workflow can be viewed. Screenshots are attached below for reference.

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