Scroll to and Optional

Scroll To: Scroll to automatically scrolls to the page element (if the element is to the bottom of the page) to display the balloon for a step in the Workflow. 

Optional: If a flow step is Optional, then that particular step would be skipped if the element selected is not present in the page.

These Settings can be changed as follows:

  • Click on the letzNav editor and login using your credentials.

  • Click on Workflows.

The Workflows will be displayed as a list. Green Dots next to the workflow indicate that the workflow is published.

 Yellow dots indicate workflow is in Draft mode. 

NOTE : Workflows can only be edited in Draft Mode.

  • Search the Name of the Workflow to edit.

  • Click on the Step Name.

  • Check the Appropriate Checkbox as applicable.

  • Click on Save to commit changes.

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