Update/Change Workflow Status

The Workflow status decides whether the Workflow is or can be made visible in the Player to your end users. It also controls whether a Workflow can be edited.

Status of the flow can be either Draft, Ready or Published. 

  • Draft indicates that the Workflow is still a work in progress and modifications are being made in the Workflow.
  • Ready indicates that the modifications on the Workflow are complete and the Workflow is ready to be tested or published.
  • Published indicates the flows are available in the Player. 

The status is represented by colored dots next to the workflows:

  • Green dot indicates that the Workflow is published.
  • Yellow dot indicates that the Workflow is in draft mode.
  • Blue dot indicates that the Workflow is in ready mode.

A Workflow can only be edited when it is in Draft mode.

Click on the letzNav Admin and login using your credentials.

Change the Status of the Workflow as needed.

Click on Save.

Note: Workflow cannot be edited while in Ready or Published state.

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