Add a Workflow Step

This article is about adding a new step to existing workflow.Read more about adding a jump step about this article.

To Add a new step to a Workflow:

1.Click on the letzNav Editor and login using your credentials.

2.Click on Workflows. 

The Workflows will be displayed as a list. Green dots next to the workflow indicate that the workflow is published. Yellow dots indicate workflow is in Draft mode. Workflows can only be edited when they are in Draft Mode.

3.Search for required Workflow and click on it.

4.To add a new flow step in between a step, hover between relevant steps (As shown in the Image below) and click on '+'  highlighted in blue.

5. Follow the below steps to complete creation of the additional step. (Note, these are same steps used to create a Workflow.)

  • Enter the Step Heading and description.
  • Select the element.
  • Set balloon position.
  • Select Advance on Options.
  • Mark as Entry Point, if needed, and select entry point page anchors.

6.Click on Save to commit changes.

Note: To learn more about Publishing Click Here.

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