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Planning Your Build

Remember, approach LetzNav just like you would your own product.

Start by asking yourself, what was the business problem that led you to LetzNav? Was it because you wanted help training new team members? Because you were frustrated with data inconsistencies? Because you were spending too much time fielding support calls?

Clarifying why you need LetzNav is the first and most important step in effectively using this state-of-the-art tool. Keep your business objective in mind to help you identify and prioritize issues that you want to tackle, and that will continue to inform your decisions in the future.

Journey of a Workflow

Harness the Power of Your Team’s Knowledge

Collaborate with all your internal teams to get multiple viewpoints and support for your project. Be smart, and get people involved from every level of the organization; from product management to UX, engineering to Learning & Development. This way, you ensure you’re considering the full scope of your end user’s needs.

By diversifying your team, you get the very best out of your tool.

Follow Your Users

Now, think of your stakeholders, your end-users who will be using LetzNav. Whether they are employees using LetzNav for training or customers using LetzNav for support – be sure you’re taking their point of view, needs, and expectations first.

This is an important step to come back to again and again whenever you run into a snag, or hit a dead-end. Ask yourself, what would be best for my users?

We are always here for you. Feel free to reach out to your letzNav CSM, we want to ensure you have all the tools you need to make your letzNav journey successfull and productive. 

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