Data Collection

letzNav is committed to the strictest obligations regarding the collection and processing of user data and does not collect, accept, handle, process, receive, transmit or store any confidential, regulated, personal, private, sensitive, health or credit card information. However, letzNav collects metadata in order to deliver the highest quality statistics to the application owner, a summarized table of information about the overall usage and progress details are received.

For example, if a bank customer user launches a Workflow that directs them on how to perform a task in their bank account on the bank’s website, the only information that will be sent from the browser to letzNav server are the Workflow balloon steps that have been shown in the application, data corrections/warnings flags, but not data that is entered in the fields, Tooltips actioned/displayed, Launchers actioned/displayed and Announcements accepted/displayed.

Metadata collected with letzNav will be shown in the Analytics dashboard, which will help admins/users to understand the usage patterns and look for possible improvements in the application and improve the ROI.

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