Implementation Models

SaaS Deployment

SaaS solution model is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). letzNav Admin servers are located on Amazon, while the letzNav content details are stored on Amazon RDS. This model is risk free deployment and requires no infrastructure changes from the customer.

On-Premise Deployment

In this model, entire deployment can be implemented in a Private Cloud or in customer's data center. This way the customer can keep all their letzNav content behind their firewall.

This type of implementation is common when:

  • Company’s policy is to keep data in their own infrastructure.
  • All devices work on intranet only without access to external system.
  • letzNav cannot access your application environment deployed behind a firewall.

This model works very similar to a pure SaaS model except instead of using AWS infrastructure, all components will be deployed in client’s Hybrid architecture. The server is so light weight it can be deployed as part of the web application itself.

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