letzNav Editor is a Chrome extension that assists with the creation of Workflows by allowing a user to select the elements in the web application and provide the navigational instructions in association to that element.

It has a robust mechanism for identifying the web pages and start the flow from the page where the user is present (if that page is part of the navigation).

The Editor is used to create all the content on letzNav; namely Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers and Announcements. letzNav Editor extension is compatible with all modern browsers but is recommended to be used with google chrome. The Editor is 90% code free for creating all the basic content on letzNav. 

The Editor has a very intuitive User Interface and lets the admin/content builders create content with ease. The Editor also shows the content created in the browser which makes it simple to view how an end user will see the letznav content. The ability to test the content in parallel with creating it is just another benefit of letzNav.

The Admin/content builders can play Announcements. 

The Editor is smart enough to recognize a frame once created even if the user navigates in and out of that particular frame for any reason. All the features that are associated to one frame are automatically combined without having the need for the user to explicitly associate them together.

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