What is letzNav?

letzNav is a feature-rich Enterprise User Engagement Platform aimed at improving the user experience on any web based Enterprise Application by providing live guidance, improving data quality and automating end user documentation while reducing the support and training costs.

letzNav guides your employees or customers by providing Workflows while using any Web Application. Whether your goal is to train new team members, boost your conversion rates or getting your employees to accomplish more in less time – letzNav is your answer.

letzNav Analytics deliver the anticipated returns from applications. It also provides an application implementer with valuable insights into usage patterns and helps identify opportunities of improvement.Through letzNav Analytics, it is possible to measure usage statistics and gauge the level of user engagement with the system.

letzNav Validations has the ability to validate the data entered by the user. It also has the ability to handle erroneous data by providing warning messages.

letzNav Tooltips are intelligent prompts that provide supplemental data that is required by users to fulfill their tasks. Data can be more than just words - but can be images, a reference to documents and videos. etc

letzNav Launchers are also a unique feature that let users launch a specific workflow or document or video based on their position and context in the application.

letzNav Announcements lets you send out internal announcements to your user base based on their role and the section in which the user is in. The announcements are smart and can be used to launch workflows, pass on documents and even take an acknowledgment from users.


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